World Cup Journal #1: Expect the Unexpected


Paul Stirling on his way o leading Ireland to an incredible win. (Image from

Paul Stirling on his way to leading Ireland to an incredible win. (Image from

This 2015 World Cup has been chugging along quite merrily. Of course, we’ve all had our fair share of nail biting, shivering, praying, and (for some), TV smashing, but more than that, the general ambience that the Cricket World Cup is here is very pleasant.

What has made this World Cup stand out to me so much ahead of the 4 World Cups (T20 included) that I’ve followed intensely before this is the equality we’ve had in terms of competition. Barring the white flag encounters of England vs. New Zealand and Pakistan vs. West Indies, we’ve always had some degree of a fight in pretty much every game, even those Mammoth vs. Minnow competitions that we usually like to consider as walkovers. We saw this even in the in the warm-ups, as Scotland were all but successful in their chase of 313 against the West Indies, and Zimbabwe pulled the carpet from under Sri Lanka to register a surprising upset. In the league stage, we saw Scotland make the resurgent and roaring New Zealand side sweat in their chase of a paltry 142, a spirited Afghanistan just failing to pull through after putting Sri Lanka in a precarious situation at 178-6 in 41.2 overs chasing 233, and a belligerent Paul Stirling leading Ireland to a massive victory over the West Indies. In essence, this World Cup hasn’t just been about the Giants steaming through a bunch of minnows to face each other in the playoffs; rather, it’s been about everyone playing their best cricket (at least most of the time), and making us cricket fans expect the unexpected.