What’s coming up in IPLgeek

The IPL auctions are approaching quickly. The date and venue have not been confirmed. but two possibilities are January 12 2013 in Chennai or January 20 2013 in Kolkata. As I don’t think I’ll have time to write anything then, I’m going to begin writing articles for each team, and hopefully will get it done by January. Each team will get an entire post with the following:

1) Background info

2) Strengths & Weaknesses

3) What they need

4) Who they can buy

Also, I will be updating each team’s page as soon as the auctions are over, as well as our auction results page.

After the auctions, I will try to make a summary of the auctions.

And in case you’re wondering, I will still be writing about all the other cricket that’s going on. Never fear 😉

So see ya, and stay tuned 🙂