Trading Cricket Attax cards and other stuff

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Hi, here are some tips on when you trade your cricket attax cards.

Firstly, all ways trade for something you want. Try not to get cards that you don’t need. Try to negotiate as far as possible to get something you want. If the trader has nothing you want, then go for the best deal available.

Secondly, try to trade off duplicate cards rather than singles. If you have 2 or more of 1 card, try to trade off all of them for better cards that you want.

Lastly, don’t get cheated. Don’t rip yourself off on cards you don’t need. If it’s a card you do need, then it is all right to rip yourself off to an extent (eg- Rohit Sharma silver for Sangakkara silver). But don’t go to such an extent like gold Jacques Kallis for a Sachin Tendulkar normal.

Now for this little knack I invented myself:


Here’s how it works: First compare the stats and then do make following comparisons:

  1. Is your bowling higher?
  2. Is your batting higher?
  3. Can your card bat in the other card’s bowling? (is your batting higher than the other card’s bowling?)
  4. Can your card bowl out the other card?

These are the 4 main things to look out for in whitewash. If there both cards have won 2 stats each, then use your logic or the stars to compare.

If your card is higher in all 4 stats, then the other card has been “whitewashed” or completely overrun.

Uday says:

Can you please trade cricket attax 2011 with me?

iplgeek says:

Don’t have any left 🙁