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Here are a few good cricket apps which I liked. Take a look: 

    • 1) Stick Cricket (price- free/$2.99)

This batting-based cricket app is very easily operated. There are several game modes.

Dominate all the teams in the world in the World Dominaton mode with the legendary ‘all stars’, or just simply kick back and bat with your favourite team against some of the world’s best bowlers in all star slog. To venture a little further,buy the full version. Here,you can play vs all the teams in world domination, and play up to 20 overs in all star slog. You can also play the world cup game.There is a multiplayer mode in both free and paid versions.

2) IPL T20fever Price-free/$4.99 (Deluxe version)   

IPL fan? This is the game for you. Go to ‘Quick match’ to play with your favorite teams and players from the DLF IPL 2011. Or play the powerplay mode where you try to score as many points as possible. In the deluxe version, play the DLF IPL 2011 as your favorite team and take it through all the stages of the IPL. Or try the ‘pass and play’ mode where you can play another friend from the same device.

Both these apps are available on the iPhone,iPod touch, and iPad. They can be downloaded from the iTunes store or the App store.

jp says:

Interesting apps. I am sure you are spending a lot of time in it…. I will try it when i get the time.