The “Furious Five” of Cricket Attax


Here are the most powerful 5 or “furious five” cards in cricket attax:

cricket attax @ iplgeek  This is Sachin Tendulkar IPL-3 Player Of The Tournament. His batting and bowling are 101 each. He is invincible. It is impossible to get him out but he can get anybody out. So if you have him, you are very lucky and you will get 48 runs and 1 wicket for sure.

                                                                          cricket attax @ iplgeek                                                                                        This is Sachin Tendulkar, IPL 3 Orange Cap winner. His batting is 100 and bowling 12. It is impossible for anything but a Player Of The Tournament.  So it makes him a valuable card to  have on your side

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is Praghyan Ojha- IPL 3 Purple Cap winner. His bowling is 100 and batting 14. He can get any card out right from Pradeep Sangwan (8 batting) all the way to Jacques Kallis Gold (99 batting). However, he cannot get Orange Cap and Player Of The Tournament out.

cricket attax @ iplgeek
This is Praveen Kumar- Hat-trick hero. His stats of 74 bowling

and 18 batting don’t mean much, but if you get anyone out, you get THREE WICKETS

as follows:

                                           1) The dismissed batsman

                                           2) Bowling team picks any wicket from batting team

                                            3) Batting team chooses a wicket

cricket attax @ iplgeek

 This is the DLF IPL Logo. It is one of the most rarest and most useful cards in the whole game. It is a powerplay that you can use on any normal card. But the best part is that unlike normal powerplays, this will boost the rating by 10 and not 5