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Interesting tidbits about the English cricket team

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English Cricket Board In the English cricket team, the ratio of English born players to players born abroad is about 2:1! Their star players, like Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior, and Jonathan Trott are all South African born. Even the left handed batsman Micheal Lumb is from South Africa. The left handed batsman Eoin Morgan is from Ireland and the person who was said to be the savior of the English middle order woes, Owais Shah is Pakistan-born.

  • Andrew Strauss– South Africa
  • Kevin Pietersen– South Africa
  • Jonathan Trott– South Africa
  • Michael Lumb– South Africa
  • Eoin Morgan– Ireland
  • Owais Shah– Pakistan

Actually, Pietersen applied for the the South African cricket team, but was rejected, which is perhaps the reason that Pietersen has hit many hundreds against South Africa in comparison to other teams 🙂

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