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Poem- Going to a cricket match

Hello everyone,

I just wrote this poem a little  while ago, it’s called “going to a cricket match.” Hope you enjoy 🙂


When we go to the match I say,

“Oh I can’t wait to see them play!”

Be it India or RCB,

ODI or T20

It’s worth every penny you pay


When the players dive to hit the stump

Even the ones that are plump!

Everyone’s cheering,

Can take away your hearing ,

And just make you want to jump.


And then they begin to play,

And you watch them fire away!

As the boundaries keep coming,

And the wickets keep tumbling,

It can really just make your day.


And as that last, tense over is bowled,

Everyone in the crowd goes cold.

They can’t fail;

They must prevail,

Even if the worst is foretold.


Let go of now and here,

We have a victory to cheer!

Amidst the banners flying,

I felt like crying,

So beautiful was the atmosphere.


Now I am in their debt,

For all their fret,

To make this one moment,

Ah, this one moment,

One that I will never forget.

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