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The “Furious Five” of Cricket Attax


Here are the most powerful 5 or “furious five” cards in cricket attax:

cricket attax @ iplgeek  This is Sachin Tendulkar IPL-3 Player Of The Tournament. His batting and bowling are 101 each. He is invincible. It is impossible to get him out but he can get anybody out. So if you have him, you are very lucky and you will get 48 runs and 1 wicket for sure.

                                                                          cricket attax @ iplgeek                                                                                        This is Sachin Tendulkar, IPL 3 Orange Cap winner. His batting is 100 and bowling 12. It is impossible for anything but a Player Of The Tournament.  So it makes him a valuable card to  have on your side

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is Praghyan Ojha- IPL 3 Purple Cap winner. His bowling is 100 and batting 14. He can get any card out right from Pradeep Sangwan (8 batting) all the way to Jacques Kallis Gold (99 batting). However, he cannot get Orange Cap and Player Of The Tournament out.

cricket attax @ iplgeek
This is Praveen Kumar- Hat-trick hero. His stats of 74 bowling

and 18 batting don’t mean much, but if you get anyone out, you get THREE WICKETS

as follows:

                                           1) The dismissed batsman

                                           2) Bowling team picks any wicket from batting team

                                            3) Batting team chooses a wicket

cricket attax @ iplgeek

 This is the DLF IPL Logo. It is one of the most rarest and most useful cards in the whole game. It is a powerplay that you can use on any normal card. But the best part is that unlike normal powerplays, this will boost the rating by 10 and not 5


My Best in Cricket Attax

Here are 5 cards that I have that you will NOT want to trade:

cricket attax @ iplgeekThis is Praveen Kumar Gold (also known as Hat-trick Hero). His bowling is 74, and batting 18. He gives 19 runs. He has 2 records. They are:

1)He is the only 4-star gold card

2)He is the only card which gives more runs than his batting.

Apart from that, the special part is that even if you get 1 person out with him, you get THREE wickets.  They are:

1) The dismissed batsman

2) Anyone of the bowling team’s choice

3) Anyone of the batting team’s choice

This is Harbhajan Singh silver. His bowling is 88 and batting 42. He is one of the 3 cards with an 88 stat, the other 2 being Vinay Kumar gold and Suresh Raina silver. Bhajji gives 26 runs, which is very high for a bowler. This 1 card I have is in high demand from many people 🙂

cricket attax @ iplgeek This is Murali Vijay gold. His batting is 97, making him the 4th best batsman in the game. He gives 35 runs, which is a good combination with his batting rating. He is a valuable card to have in your squad, as there are only 2 cards that can get him out without a powerplay.

cricket attax @ iplgeek This is Sachin Tendulkar-IPL 3 orange cap winner. his batting is 100 and he gives 48 runs (another perfect combination:). According to the official cricket attax rules, only Sachin Tendulkar IPL 3 Player of the tournament can get him out. So unless your opponent has one of those, you are assured 48 runs

cricket attax @ iplgeekThis is Praghyan Ojha-IPL 3 purple cap winner. His bowling is 100. The only 2 cards he cannot get out without a powerplay are Orange cap and Player of the tournament. Unless your opponent has either of them, you are assured a wicket. Try to go for your opponent’s leading run scorer, if possible.


Cricket Attax

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Cricket attax cards

Cricket Attax is the official IPL trading card game. There are cards for every player,from stars like Sachin Tendulkar to unknown players like Rilee Rossow.
There are 4 different types of cards; normal, silver cards– which are a bit stronger than regular cards, gold cards– which are stronger than both normal and silver and powerplay cards. There are powerplays for each team,and they only benefit players from that team (e.g- Mumbai Indians powerplays will only work on Mumbai players). The rules and regulations are as such:

Only 1 silver and 1 gold allowed per game.
You must have a captain and a wicket keeper.
Only 11 cards allowed (not including powerplays)

So, here’s how to play. First, you have a toss on who is going to bat/bowl.
Then, the bowler calls his card’s bowling number, while the batsman calls the batting number of the card on the TOP of his deck. If the bowling number is higher, then the batsman is OUT and no runs are scored. If the batting number is higher, then the batsman is NOT OUT and the number of runs indicated is scored. In the end of 2 innings, the one with more runs wins.

This card game can be bought in packs. There are only 5 cards per pack and each pack costs Rs15. It is available in all book stores and in chota mota shops also. At just 15 bucks a pack, it is easy to convince parents also to buy them. At any rate, you will be able to win a few games unlike the Indian Test squad!

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