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Cricket Attax: Some long lost treasures

Howzit guys, I was looking through the views feed on my admin page, and found that the posts I did with cricket attax pics sometime in 2011 were still getting a fair number of views. Hence, I decided that it would be well worth my time to post some more cricket attax pics, with my commentary on them. So while digging through some of my old stuff, I found these “treasures” that I’ve had for at least two years now. Forgive me for being rather behind time with my cards, since I’ve not purchased any since my last trip to India in December 2012. I’ll do my best to get some 2013 cards to post soon 🙂 So here are some of my more prized cards. Follow along with the slideshow, and the captions represent which card my commentary is about. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. This is my Brendon McCullum Gold. He’s from 2011, and was one of the more rare gold cards around. With a batting of 93, Brendon McC was the strongest wicket-keeper of the 2011 set, and one of the cards I had to really look around to find.
  2. This is my Ravichandran Ashwin Gold. He’s also is from 2011, and although not the rarest card around, he was still a useful one to have around, with a bowling of 92 an batting of 40. He was one of the last golds I got in the 2011 set 🙂
  3. This is my Praveen Kumar Gold. He’s my only gold card from 2012. Although this one was not nearly as valuable as the PK gold from 2011, his bowling score of 87 makes him a fairly helpful card to start your set with.
  4. This is my Sreenath Aravind normal card. He’s from the 2012 set, and my most valuable normal card. One of the many young prodigies who rose in 2011, Aravind’s brilliant show brought him a bowling score of 88, along with an over-rated batting score of 53. Despite the fact that the real Aravind ended up having match economy rates that went up to 17.25, his card is still a very good one to have, particularly since he doesn’t count against your gold/silver count.
  5. This is my Jacques Kallis Silver. He too is from the 2012 set. Although the 2011 one is definitely better, a batting of 84 and a bowling of 71 coupled with 35 runs makes Kallis one of the more valuable silvers, even for 2012.
  6. This is my Iqbal Abdulla Silver. He’s been given the title of “Rising Star Player” because the real Iqqi won the actual award in the 2011 IPL, thwarting other candidates such as Paul Valthaty and Sreenath Aravind. This card is my best bowling card from 2012, with a score of 91. I’m not exactly sure how rare or otherwise this card was, but is still a very powerful one to have nonetheless.
  7. This is my Murali Vijay Gold. He is from the 2011 set. His batting score of 97 made him the fourth-best batsman of the 2011 set, behind only Jacques Kallis gold, Sachin Tendulkar Orange Cap, and Sachin Tendulkar Player of the Tournament. I managed to get him in an extraordinary deal, and he’s one of my best cards.
  8. Last but by no means not least, we have Virender Sehwag normal. He’s from the 2012 set, and one of the few cards who had almost the same score as he did in the previous year. However, with a score of 88 and 35 runs, he is still a devastating card. This could also be said to be one of my tributes to Viru, and one of the many memento of his ruthless run of fine form during the 2011 season.

In case you want to download them:

cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek cricket attax @ iplgeek


The “Furious Five” of Cricket Attax


Here are the most powerful 5 or “furious five” cards in cricket attax:

cricket attax @ iplgeek  This is Sachin Tendulkar IPL-3 Player Of The Tournament. His batting and bowling are 101 each. He is invincible. It is impossible to get him out but he can get anybody out. So if you have him, you are very lucky and you will get 48 runs and 1 wicket for sure.

                                                                          cricket attax @ iplgeek                                                                                        This is Sachin Tendulkar, IPL 3 Orange Cap winner. His batting is 100 and bowling 12. It is impossible for anything but a Player Of The Tournament.  So it makes him a valuable card to  have on your side

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is Praghyan Ojha- IPL 3 Purple Cap winner. His bowling is 100 and batting 14. He can get any card out right from Pradeep Sangwan (8 batting) all the way to Jacques Kallis Gold (99 batting). However, he cannot get Orange Cap and Player Of The Tournament out.

cricket attax @ iplgeek
This is Praveen Kumar- Hat-trick hero. His stats of 74 bowling

and 18 batting don’t mean much, but if you get anyone out, you get THREE WICKETS

as follows:

                                           1) The dismissed batsman

                                           2) Bowling team picks any wicket from batting team

                                            3) Batting team chooses a wicket

cricket attax @ iplgeek

 This is the DLF IPL Logo. It is one of the most rarest and most useful cards in the whole game. It is a powerplay that you can use on any normal card. But the best part is that unlike normal powerplays, this will boost the rating by 10 and not 5


What do YOU think?

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Some more interesting Cricket Attax cards

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Here are some more interesting cards that I have (some of my best!!!:) :

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is Shane Watson. He is the best regular all rounder. His batting is 81 and bowling 78. His gold is the 3rd best all rounder card in the game.

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is the Indian skipper, our one-and-only M.S Dhoni. He has the best batting for a normal wicket keeper card. He is also one of the 2 wicketkeeper captains in the game, the other one being Adam Gilchrist.

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is Kevin Pietersen. His batting 80 and bowling 37. But that’s not what makes him so special. He gives 59 runs to the player who uses him properly, allowing him to single handedly turn the tide of any game

This is Virender Sehwag, India’s all time reliable opener.

cricket attax @ iplgeek

His batting is 86 and bowling 60 (over rated!!). His gold is the 4th best batting card in the game.


Trading Cricket Attax cards and other stuff

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Hi, here are some tips on when you trade your cricket attax cards.

Firstly, all ways trade for something you want. Try not to get cards that you don’t need. Try to negotiate as far as possible to get something you want. If the trader has nothing you want, then go for the best deal available.

Secondly, try to trade off duplicate cards rather than singles. If you have 2 or more of 1 card, try to trade off all of them for better cards that you want.

Lastly, don’t get cheated. Don’t rip yourself off on cards you don’t need. If it’s a card you do need, then it is all right to rip yourself off to an extent (eg- Rohit Sharma silver for Sangakkara silver). But don’t go to such an extent like gold Jacques Kallis for a Sachin Tendulkar normal.

Now for this little knack I invented myself:


Here’s how it works: First compare the stats and then do make following comparisons:

  1. Is your bowling higher?
  2. Is your batting higher?
  3. Can your card bat in the other card’s bowling? (is your batting higher than the other card’s bowling?)
  4. Can your card bowl out the other card?

These are the 4 main things to look out for in whitewash. If there both cards have won 2 stats each, then use your logic or the stars to compare.

If your card is higher in all 4 stats, then the other card has been “whitewashed” or completely overrun.


More About Cricket Attax

Hey everybody,

Here are some more cricket attax pics for you to see. Hope you enjoy:

cricket attax @ iplgeek

Here is one of India’s most consistent test batsmen:Rahul Dravid. His batting is 71, which is not very bad for normal card, but for silver, it is just cheap.

cricket attax @ iplgeek

This is R Vinay Kumar. He is a bowler for Kochi Tuskers Kerala (who have been given the boot from IPL, so he’s most likely to return to the Royal Challengers, his former team). Even though is says that he is an all rounder, he is actually a bowler ( yeah, sometimes these guys get things wrong. They made Ajit Agarkar an all rounder and gave him 30 runs 🙂 I personally feel he is over rated, since Zaheer Khan‘s bowling is also 78.

cricket attax @ iplgeek

Here’s the No.1 silver in the entire game; Jacques Kallis. His batting is 89 and bowing 78. He gives 48 runs.His gold card in 99 batting and 83 bowling, making him the 2nd best all rounder in the entire game.

cricket attax @ iplgeek

Here’s the Master Blaster, God of Cricket or whatever you know him as; Sachin Tendulkar. He was the Orange Cap (leading run scorer) of IPL 2010, so his batting excels that of all normal and silver cards. He gives 48 runs

cricket attax @ iplgeek

Here’s Virat Kohli gold. His batting is 84 and bowling 35. He will add 28 runs to his team’s cause if used properly. I feel he is under rated looking at his performance from the ICC World Cup 2011 to the Champions League T20. Still, these cards are based on IPL 2010 stats, so I guess he didn’t do very well then.


Cricket Attax

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Cricket attax cards

Cricket Attax is the official IPL trading card game. There are cards for every player,from stars like Sachin Tendulkar to unknown players like Rilee Rossow.
There are 4 different types of cards; normal, silver cards– which are a bit stronger than regular cards, gold cards– which are stronger than both normal and silver and powerplay cards. There are powerplays for each team,and they only benefit players from that team (e.g- Mumbai Indians powerplays will only work on Mumbai players). The rules and regulations are as such:

Only 1 silver and 1 gold allowed per game.
You must have a captain and a wicket keeper.
Only 11 cards allowed (not including powerplays)

So, here’s how to play. First, you have a toss on who is going to bat/bowl.
Then, the bowler calls his card’s bowling number, while the batsman calls the batting number of the card on the TOP of his deck. If the bowling number is higher, then the batsman is OUT and no runs are scored. If the batting number is higher, then the batsman is NOT OUT and the number of runs indicated is scored. In the end of 2 innings, the one with more runs wins.

This card game can be bought in packs. There are only 5 cards per pack and each pack costs Rs15. It is available in all book stores and in chota mota shops also. At just 15 bucks a pack, it is easy to convince parents also to buy them. At any rate, you will be able to win a few games unlike the Indian Test squad!

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