Rain, rain go away.

Rain, rain go away,

Come again another day, 

Our busy cricketers need to play, 

Rain, rain go away. 

Hope you enjoyed that little verse 🙂

Well it does say a lot, though. In fact, I’d even say that this is what many people are praying right now. And that’s because the rain has been spoiling games for September, which marked the start of the World Cup T20, through the Champions League, and now here. Spoiling the Sri Lanka vs New Zealand series, and wetting one day of the South Africa vs Australia test, which would have definitely been an entertaining one if not for the fact that the second day was rain washed. So what do we blame this on? Poor planning, or nature’s cruelty? Of course, we are powerless when it comes to nature. For the time-being, at least, we can only prepare, not prevent. And of course, we have all this mechanism that can help predict the weather, and give us a fair warning about what’s coming. Of course, there are those times when it goes wrong, and rain comes instead of the promised bright, sunny day. However, we should only lose about 1 or 2 games to such causes; not 4 or 5. So after all this is it still fair to blame it all the ICC for poor planning? Look at it from their point of view. After all, the world of cricket has to move on. We can’t keep postponing tours and other series’ because of a chance of rain. The tours must take place. So the possible options are:

1) Making a permeable membrane that allows the ball to pass through but not water

2) Let the series’ go on anyway

3) Cancel series’ that are threatened by rain

Let’s discuss them now; option 1- not in the near future. Option 3 will be a safe option, but that might well result in the cancellation of like one-third of all cricket. Option 2 is the most logical option here, but backed up with a bit of extra planning (and prayers 😛 ). However, I feel that the planning is no looking overly good right now. So probably if ICC were to look into that, I’d think it wold be really good for us as cricket fans.

Catch ya later! 😀