News in the World of cricket

There’s been overly nothing important going on in the world of cricket since the CLT20. Other then the 3 rain-soaked ODIs between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, its been a relatively boring few weeks. However, there have been a few interesting developments. For one, all the IPL teams have finally decided who they’re going to drop from the squad prior to the trading window and auction. The intention of this was to give the teams an opportunity to reduce the amount of money they will need to pay. So each franchise is allowed to drop a player, and hope to buy him back for a cheaper price in the auctions. However, this comes with a risk. That player might be brought by some other franchise, or might come for a higher price. For this reason, what most of the sides have done is retained their good performers, and released the underperforms and the moderately-performing-but-expensive players. For example, the South African off-spinner Johan Botha came at $950,000 in the auctions, so the Rajasthan Royals have released him. There have also been many surprises, for example the Royal Challengers have retained Saurabh Tiwari, who came at $1.6 million, and the Chennai Super Kings have released Doug Bollinger ($700,000) and retained Ravindra Jadeja ($2 million+tiebreaker amount). The squads have all been updated, you can find them here, at our team pages. We will update them again after the auctions and the trading window are over. (Oh, and just for your information, the trading window opens on the 19th)

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Diminya Singh says:

Can’t wait for the window to open!