Kochi face do-or-die versus formidable CSK.

The Kochi Tuskers Kerala have had a reasonably good IPL,(well,at least compared to fellow IPL debutant Pune Warriors India) and have got some hope for the play-offs after steamrolling the Rajasthan Royals by 8 wickets.It will not be easy,but it is not impossible.The fit team will have to defeat the in-form defending champions,the Chennai Super Kings.They will also have to win a very overwhelming victory to boost their net run rate.CSK,however,has fixed a play-offs berth with 16 points out off 12 games and will not be hurt by a loss.Same situation with the Mumbai Indians.It is the 4th place spot that is being fought for by the Kolkata Knight Riders,the Kings XI Punjab,and the Kochi Tuskers Kerala.So this game will be a crucial do-or-die for Kochi.