IPL Final 2013 – An interesting fact

Well, IPL 2013 has come to an end. It was all over after CSK were unable to score the required total of 149, giving the Mumbai Indians their first IPL cup – something that has evaded them for six years. This win also made them the second team to win both an IPL and a CLT20 (need I say who got it first?). After watching the men from Maharashtra seal this feat, it reminded me of another such clinical performance they put up in the Champions League final. They were very similar circumstances, you see; both times they were up against the wall; without key players, up against a team that was playing at the top of it’s form. So here are some similarities between that night back in 2011, and the game on 26th May 2013:


  • Sachin Tendulkar was injured both times.
  • It was not MI’s first-choice captain who was leading the side (Rohit this year; Harbhajan in 2011).
  • Both times MI won the toss; and elected to bat.
  • Both times MI’s Indian opener was bowled by the second bowler (Tare was bowled by A Morkel vs CSK; Kanwar was bowled by Nannes vs RCB).
  • The other team was fresh off scoring a giant total (CSK had just scored 192 vs MI; RCB had just scored 204 vs NSW).
  • MI were restricted to around 140 in both matches (148-9 vs CSK; 139-10 vs RCB).
  • It was the efforts of an all-rounder who scored 40+ that got them to a par score (60* by Pollard vs CSK; 41 by Franklin vs RCB)
  • Lasith Malinga was asked to bowl at an unexpected time, and picked up a crucial wicket (M Hussey vs CSK; TM Dilshan vs RCB).
  • Only one opposing batsmen scored fluently (Dhoni hit 63* in 45 for CSK; Dilshan scored 27 in 20 for RCB).
  • Only 3 other opposing batsmen scored double-digits (Vijay 18, Bravo 15 and Morkel 10 for CSK; Kohli 11, Agarwal 14 and Tiwari 18 for RCB).
  • Both teams lost by an unexpectedly large margin (CSK lost by 23 runs; RCB lost by 31 runs).


nick578 says:

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