IPL Auctions – A little more info

Hello everyone,

I know you are all excited about the IPL auctions that will take place this Sunday. I am too :D. Just to let you know, I’ve managed to get my hands on a list of the players who will feature in this year’s auctions (you can download the pdf here), and now I will be editing all the pre-auction reviews slightly, so be sure to take a fresh look at them all. On other news, the Mumbai Indians have released RP Singh, and also John Wright will be coaching MI this year. Also, Micheal Clarke and Ricky Ponting are going to feature in this year’s auctions, both under the highest possible base price of $400,000. To make things easier, I will make another category called “IPL Auctions“, which will be a direct link to all the pre-auction reviews, and other auction stuff. See you soon!