Revenge is a dish best served cold…

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Indian cricket team found out that it tastes even better with a little Whitewashed European masala. To acquire such a dish, you must:

      1. Invite the English cricket team over to your country
      2. Let them win the toss all the time
      3. Watch them struggle with both bat and ball in the Indian conditions as you cruise to easy victories that are made to look thrilling
      4. Say goodbye and let them go home
      5. Next year, same time, huh?”

So then you add some Virat Kohli sauce, Ajinkya Rahane masala, and MSD powder. Then you mix it all up and your revenge will be both entertaining as well as practice for some young talents.

And all the same, we must thank England for flying all the way here just to try and spit out the sour taste of being whitewashed. We do this by almost letting the game slip and in the end, just snatch it back. Or in simple words, bring it to a ‘nail biting‘ finish or a ‘close‘ game (all just for the sake of fun and to spare England the humility). Good Night.


  1. ODI 1- India won by 126 runs @ Hyderabad
  2. ODI 2- India won by 8 wickets @ Delhi 
  3. ODI 3- India won by 5 wickets @ Mohali
  4. ODI 4- India won by 6 wickets @ Mumbai
  5. ODI 5- India won by 95 runs @ Kolkata