How to make a good cricket match report

Hello everyone, and today I bring you my 100th blog post!!! Woo Hoo!!! So for my 100th blog post, I have decided to write a post on how to make a post!!! Wowwee!!! So, now I’m going to tell you some things you can keep in mind when creating a match report. So let’s go!!!

West Indies (120-9, Pollard 50, Franklin 2-21) beat New Zealand (119-10, McCullum 40 Pollard 5-10) by 1 run

So let’s say you are asked to write a match report on a match with the following stats. Then how would you do it? Firstly, you’ll need a catchy title. Don’t use something drab like “New Zealand lose to West Indies by 1 run”. Make it catchy, use the stats in the scorecard, and now let’s try something like “Pollard’s all-round show scripts thrilling win for West Indies”. Much better, don’t you think? You can use any sort of title, but make sure you describe either the atmosphere of the result, or the effects of the result. For example something like “Pollard denies New Zealand semi-final berth”, or “West Indies hold their nerve to qualify for semifinals”. Note that you don’t have to always include both sides of the result. Like you don’t have to include the entire statement :”West Indies beat New Zealand”. It can just say “New Zealand lost” or “West Indies won”. Still, make sure that you mention the result. Next, say what you meant to say in your title with a bit of elaboration, like “Today Kieron Pollard starred as West Indies beat New Zealand to qualify for the semifinal”. Next, add a┬ástatistic, or a fact, if available, like “this was the first time New Zealand have failed to qualify for the semifinals”. Then sort of add a gist of how this situation came to be set up, like “After losing openers Chris Gayle and Dwayne Smith with only 7 on the board, Pollard steadied the innings with some good batting to keep the West Indies afloat.” Then add statistics. Big numbers. These numbers will always hold your audience to your writing. So try something like “Other than Pollard, only Darren Sammy (36) reached double figures. And continue for both innings. Make sure you cover all the important points, and add some exaggeration, like “Sammy tried to run himself out three times, before he was finally run out on a suicidal second run”. Such puns may arouse a bit of criticism but will keep your audience hooked. And finally, finish with who was Man Of The Match, and some of the effects that this game has had. After that try and state what will happen later, and conclude your report. So I hope this article was helpful for you, and have fun writing your articles!!! ­čÖé

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