I’m sorry, I couldn’t update the site for a while…been kind of busy. Still, I’ve been updating my facebook page and twitter account, and would encourage you to follow if you aren’t already. So onto the cricket news; there’s been quite a lot going on in the past couple of weeks; firstly, England and India’s test series has been leveled 1-1, and the South Africans have held their nerve pretty well, and have managed to snatch two draws where there should have been defeats. Also, the West Indies steamrolled Bangladesh 2-0 in the test series. And after a poor first test, New Zealand have bounced back strongly, and are fortifying their position in the second test. Also, the IPL trading window, which opened on the 19th, has been relatively quiet, nobody has been traded just yet. However, something exciting did happen in the world of IPL cricket. PepsiCo has replaced DLF as the sponsor of the IPL, as DLF’s 5 year contract has ended. PepsiCo’s bid was Rs.396.8 crore (a little more than 7 million US dollars). So that’s all for now, see ya!