Playing the game of cricket requires certain objects which must be bought beforehand. Here they are:

1) The Bat: The bat is the most unique component of cricket. Without this it’s not easy to play cricket. There are several brands which stock cricket bats; Reebok, Adidas, Nike, and Puma are just some of these many brands. Of course, what bat you should buy depends heavily on the type of ball your playing with. For example, if your playing with a plastic/sponge ball, you should go for a basic plastic bat, which is very easily available on all toy stores throughout India. If you are playing with a tennis ball, then you can buy a tennis ball bat, like the one shown in the image below, or get a leather ball bat and put a protective coating on it. The reason for this is that if you use a tennis ball on a leather ball bat without any protection, it will break easily if it’s hit by a leather ball. Also leather ball bats are rather costly and if your not going to use a leather ball, it’s my recommendation that you buy a tennis ball bat.

A Tennis Ball Bat


Leather ball bats are strong and expensive, ranging from Rs 2000 ($40) to Rs 10000 ($200), depending on the brand and willow. I would not recommend buying a leather ball unless you are planning to go for actual cricket coaching or playing with a leather ball, because it is expensive, and will break easily to a leather ball if you use a tennis ball on it for too long. At the very least you should use it for a synthetic ball, also with a protective cover on the blade of the bat.

2) The Ball: The ball is a very important part in the game of cricket, because it’s the condition of the ball which can determine the fate of the game. For example, if the ball is old, then it will generally grip, and have a good deal of turn for spinners, and als0 have some reverse swing for some fast bowlers. When the ball is new, however, it will swing a lot for fast bowlers. If a bowler can use these conditions to his advantage, then he will be a valuable asset to any team. The ball, other than being the most important component of the game, it is also easily the most irritating part of the game. Tennis balls? Their green color matches the color of the green thicket you hit it in and camouflages it completely. Sponge Balls? You hit them too hard and they begin to tear apart. Leather balls? One shot breaks your neighbour’s glass window. However, my recommendation is that (provided you aren’t training for a serious cricketing event) you use a tennis ball. These are reasonably cheap, and don’t cause as much grief if you hit something with them. I’d recommend stocking up on them, particularly if you’re prone to losing them.

3) The Stumps & Bails: The stumps are of the uttermost importance if you wish to play cricket, but you can use about anything as the stumps. You can use anything from a large stone to a marked portion of a wall. The people who seem to get the most interesting ideas of what to use for stumps are mainly kids who don’t have stumps to use. However if you wish to incorporate the professional rules of cricket then it would be helpful to have real stumps. Bails are easily the most unimportant components in non-professional cricket. Like the stumps, you can use anything as the bails that don’t fly away with the wind or refuse to fall. Like twigs, or pieces of wire. Like the stumps, they are very necessary if your playing with professional rules. I think the term “bail” comes from the law term “bail” – which means to be released from the law without severe penalty – as if you wish to get a batsman out by dislodging his stumps, then you must remove the bails while hitting the stumps with the ball in your hand, and failure to do so results in the batsman not being out, or receiving a “bail”.

4) The Field: If you’re not a professional cricket player then getting a full field to play in without payment and other complications is hard. So you’ll just have to adjust and use a makeshift field instead. You can play cricket anywhere; provided you can control your shots in certain circumstances. You must choose your area based on the strength of your shot strength, or type of ball used. Once you’ve chosen you’re area, there are a few things you must do before playing. Here they are:

  • Set a boundary line
  • Find a suitable pitch
  • Mark a crease on each end
  • Place a wicket on each end
  • Set your rules based on your surroundings

After this all you must do is enjoy and have fun! 🙂

Now I’ve shown you the components needed to play cricket, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is all you need to play cricket. No. You need a lot more to play cricket. Check it all out in this video I made. The ownership terms are on YouTube. Hope you enjoy 🙂