Run rate is basically the average runs a team scores per over. This is particularly easy to calculate, after you’ve seen net run rate. In tests, it is not of particular importance, as the objective is merely to score, irrespective of the rate at which you score. So in tests you’ll mostly see runs being scored at a run rate of about 3 or less. In ODIs, run rate becomes a little more important as you have merely 50 overs to play. So in ODIa run rate of 5 or above is required to reach a sufficient total. In T20s, the run rate factor is very demanding of he batsmen when compared to the longer formats. Suddenly the required rate jumps from 5 to around 8 or more. So now I’ll show you a way to calculate run rate. If you know this then calculating net run rate will come to you easily. So now, as always, let me show you the formula:

Run Rate = Runs scores/overs faced


Let’s say that the Mumbai Indians have scored 181 runs in 20 overs

So you divide: 181/20 = 9.05 runs per over

You can also use this formula twice while calculating net run rate.