Bowling Strike Rate is basically the average number of balls bowled before taking a wicket. Basically, it is how often you can expect a bowler to take a wicket. It is, in my opinion, a very important part of all formats of the game, because taking wickets has been and will always be the chief way of winning games. To calculate the average of any given bowler, you must use the following formula:

Bowling Strike Rate: Number of balls bowled/Wickets taken


So let’s say that Zaheer Khan has bowled 56.2 overs in a tournament, and taken 22 wickets. So to find his strike rate, we should first convert overs into balls:

So that becomes: 22 wickets in 6×56+2 = 338 balls

So next we apply the formula: 338/22 = 15.36

So Zaheer’s strike rate is 15.36