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Have you ever looked at a summary card and wondered what on earth those numbers on the bowling side are? “1-44, 5-32”; it’s all rather strange. Fear not; for I shall now tell you what they are. It’s very simple to understand. The basic format is:

Wickets taken – Runs Given

So in the figure “5-32”, the “5” is the number of wickets taken and the “32” is the number of runs given. So ‘5-32‘ is basically ‘5 wickets for 32 runs’.

Of course, there is a way to extend it. You can add the number of overs bowled, and the number of maiden overs bowled (and for those of you who don’t know, a maiden over is an over in which no run is scored). Once you’ve added all that then the format will look something like this:

Overs Bowled – Maidens Bowled – Runs Conceded – Wickets Taken

So for Shaun Tait in the chart above, the extended figures would look something like 4-0-32-5. So ‘4’ is the number of overs bowled, ‘0’ is the number of maidens, ’32’ is the number of runs given; and ‘5’ is the number of wickets taken. To get a better look at how this works, look at this bowling card:

cricket @ iplgeek

So looking at that card, you can create bowling figures for each of the bowlers. For example:

Akhtar: 5-1-10-0 (0-10)

Razzaq: 5-1-23-0 (0-23)

Gul: 4.1-0-12-2 (2-12)

Rehman: 7-1-18-0 (0-18)

Afridi: 8-3-16-5 (5-16)

Hafeez: 4-1-26-1 (1-26)