Virat Kohli is one of the best ODI batsmen in the world today.


ODI cricket (also known as One Day International) is the second major form of cricket. Unlike the Test format, it goes on for only 1 day, (thus the name One day international), and consists of only 2 innings with 50 overs an inning. The format in which an ODI is played is as follows:


  1. The openers of the team assigned to bat first by means of a toss come out to bat.
  2. The batting team keeps batting until:
    • 50 overs are up
    • They are bowled out
    • The captain decides to declare the innings
  3. The team that bowled first now comes out to bat, and must chase down the score set by the batting side in order to win. If they cannot do this they lose the game.


As in Test cricket, captains have the option of declaring their innings whenever they see fit. However, with a limited number of overs, every run counts. Hence, you will almost never see a declaration in ODI cricket.

Also unlike the Test format, the players wear their team’s respective color jersey while playing. This is the format where most players like to focus because it is not as stressing as the Test format, nor as quickly paced as the T20 format. In this format, a bowler is allowed to bowl a maximum of 10 overs. In this format, a batsman is allowed to play slowly and take his time in the middle, but in the end must at least keep up to an average run rate of 5 runs an over to get to a defendable score.