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Plants vs. Zombies 2: Intro for Dummies

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a tower defence game that is one of my mobile gaming apps. The goal of the game is to place plants on your lawn to prevent Zombies from getting to the other side and eating your brains. There are currently five different worlds, each with different types of Zombies and Plants.

Another reason this app is so good is that it provides an excellent “play without paying” experience. Unlike other games where you can only enjoy a severely restricted portion without paying, PvZ 2 lets you enjoy the entire game for free. The only things you pay for are extra plant types, upgrades, gems, and coins. However, you do not need to buy any of these in order to complete the game. The only thing you need to be able to complete Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a smartphone, internet access (to download the app), and a thirst for strategy and fun.

I’m not going to give you too many details on the specifics of the game itself. Those things are more enjoyable if you find out yourself while playing, and begin to know the game as a hardened sailor knows the seas. However, I will write some strategy posts for the game in addition to my cricket posts. Hope you enjoy! The app is available both on the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.


What’s coming up in IPLgeek

The IPL auctions are approaching quickly. The date and venue have not been confirmed. but two possibilities are January 12 2013 in Chennai or January 20 2013 in Kolkata. As I don’t think I’ll have time to write anything then, I’m going to begin writing articles for each team, and hopefully will get it done by January. Each team will get an entire post with the following:

1) Background info

2) Strengths & Weaknesses

3) What they need

4) Who they can buy

Also, I will be updating each team’s page as soon as the auctions are over, as well as our auction results page.

After the auctions, I will try to make a summary of the auctions.

And in case you’re wondering, I will still be writing about all the other cricket that’s going on. Never fear 😉

So see ya, and stay tuned 🙂







I’m sorry, I couldn’t update the site for a while…been kind of busy. Still, I’ve been updating my facebook page and twitter account, and would encourage you to follow if you aren’t already. So onto the cricket news; there’s been quite a lot going on in the past couple of weeks; firstly, England and India’s test series has been leveled 1-1, and the South Africans have held their nerve pretty well, and have managed to snatch two draws where there should have been defeats. Also, the West Indies steamrolled Bangladesh 2-0 in the test series. And after a poor first test, New Zealand have bounced back strongly, and are fortifying their position in the second test. Also, the IPL trading window, which opened on the 19th, has been relatively quiet, nobody has been traded just yet. However, something exciting did happen in the world of IPL cricket. PepsiCo has replaced DLF as the sponsor of the IPL, as DLF’s 5 year contract has ended. PepsiCo’s bid was Rs.396.8 crore (a little more than 7 million US dollars). So that’s all for now, see ya!




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Rain, rain go away.

Rain, rain go away,

Come again another day, 

Our busy cricketers need to play, 

Rain, rain go away. 

Hope you enjoyed that little verse 🙂

Well it does say a lot, though. In fact, I’d even say that this is what many people are praying right now. And that’s because the rain has been spoiling games for September, which marked the start of the World Cup T20, through the Champions League, and now here. Spoiling the Sri Lanka vs New Zealand series, and wetting one day of the South Africa vs Australia test, which would have definitely been an entertaining one if not for the fact that the second day was rain washed. So what do we blame this on? Poor planning, or nature’s cruelty? Of course, we are powerless when it comes to nature. For the time-being, at least, we can only prepare, not prevent. And of course, we have all this mechanism that can help predict the weather, and give us a fair warning about what’s coming. Of course, there are those times when it goes wrong, and rain comes instead of the promised bright, sunny day. However, we should only lose about 1 or 2 games to such causes; not 4 or 5. So after all this is it still fair to blame it all the ICC for poor planning? Look at it from their point of view. After all, the world of cricket has to move on. We can’t keep postponing tours and other series’ because of a chance of rain. The tours must take place. So the possible options are:

1) Making a permeable membrane that allows the ball to pass through but not water

2) Let the series’ go on anyway

3) Cancel series’ that are threatened by rain

Let’s discuss them now; option 1- not in the near future. Option 3 will be a safe option, but that might well result in the cancellation of like one-third of all cricket. Option 2 is the most logical option here, but backed up with a bit of extra planning (and prayers 😛 ). However, I feel that the planning is no looking overly good right now. So probably if ICC were to look into that, I’d think it wold be really good for us as cricket fans.

Catch ya later! 😀


Poem- Going to a cricket match

Hello everyone,

I just wrote this poem a little  while ago, it’s called “going to a cricket match.” Hope you enjoy 🙂


When we go to the match I say,

“Oh I can’t wait to see them play!”

Be it India or RCB,

ODI or T20

It’s worth every penny you pay


When the players dive to hit the stump

Even the ones that are plump!

Everyone’s cheering,

Can take away your hearing ,

And just make you want to jump.


And then they begin to play,

And you watch them fire away!

As the boundaries keep coming,

And the wickets keep tumbling,

It can really just make your day.


And as that last, tense over is bowled,

Everyone in the crowd goes cold.

They can’t fail;

They must prevail,

Even if the worst is foretold.


Let go of now and here,

We have a victory to cheer!

Amidst the banners flying,

I felt like crying,

So beautiful was the atmosphere.


Now I am in their debt,

For all their fret,

To make this one moment,

Ah, this one moment,

One that I will never forget.


Interesting things about CLT20

Here are a few things about CLT20 history that you may not know:


1) RCB are the only Indian team to qualify for more than 1 CLT20 semifinal

2) This is the first time since 2009 that there has been no Indian team in the finals

3) This is the first CLT20 in which RCB has not taken part

4) CSK are the only IPL team to win their first ever CLT20 game (not including qualifiers)

5) RCB and DD are the only IPL teams to defeat Australian teams

6) DD are the only Indian team RCB has ever beaten in CLT20 history

7) CSK are the only team to play more than 2 CLT20 tournaments with the same captain

8) Dirk Nannes has played in all 4 CLT20 tournaments, and for a different team each time!

9) This is the first CLT20 in which two South African teams have qualified

10) The Sydney Sixers are the only team to win every single game in a tournament, including the finals.


How to make a good cricket match report

Hello everyone, and today I bring you my 100th blog post!!! Woo Hoo!!! So for my 100th blog post, I have decided to write a post on how to make a post!!! Wowwee!!! So, now I’m going to tell you some things you can keep in mind when creating a match report. So let’s go!!!

West Indies (120-9, Pollard 50, Franklin 2-21) beat New Zealand (119-10, McCullum 40 Pollard 5-10) by 1 run

So let’s say you are asked to write a match report on a match with the following stats. Then how would you do it? Firstly, you’ll need a catchy title. Don’t use something drab like “New Zealand lose to West Indies by 1 run”. Make it catchy, use the stats in the scorecard, and now let’s try something like “Pollard’s all-round show scripts thrilling win for West Indies”. Much better, don’t you think? You can use any sort of title, but make sure you describe either the atmosphere of the result, or the effects of the result. For example something like “Pollard denies New Zealand semi-final berth”, or “West Indies hold their nerve to qualify for semifinals”. Note that you don’t have to always include both sides of the result. Like you don’t have to include the entire statement :”West Indies beat New Zealand”. It can just say “New Zealand lost” or “West Indies won”. Still, make sure that you mention the result. Next, say what you meant to say in your title with a bit of elaboration, like “Today Kieron Pollard starred as West Indies beat New Zealand to qualify for the semifinal”. Next, add a statistic, or a fact, if available, like “this was the first time New Zealand have failed to qualify for the semifinals”. Then sort of add a gist of how this situation came to be set up, like “After losing openers Chris Gayle and Dwayne Smith with only 7 on the board, Pollard steadied the innings with some good batting to keep the West Indies afloat.” Then add statistics. Big numbers. These numbers will always hold your audience to your writing. So try something like “Other than Pollard, only Darren Sammy (36) reached double figures. And continue for both innings. Make sure you cover all the important points, and add some exaggeration, like “Sammy tried to run himself out three times, before he was finally run out on a suicidal second run”. Such puns may arouse a bit of criticism but will keep your audience hooked. And finally, finish with who was Man Of The Match, and some of the effects that this game has had. After that try and state what will happen later, and conclude your report. So I hope this article was helpful for you, and have fun writing your articles!!! 🙂



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Our one and only LASITH MALINGA

Who is the World’s most dangerous right arm fast bowler?

Lasith Malinga on a slippery track

Who is the World’s most dangerous left arm bowler?

Lasith Malinga

How did Mitchelle Johnson become such a successful left arm pacer?

He kept watching Malinga’s bowling in a mirror

What did Malinga ask the Chennai Super Kings before bowling them out?

Slinga Venuma?

What is the best advice to a batsman facing an out of form Malinga?

Put on a suit of armor

Confused about the 2nd one? Put this image in front of a mirror 🙂 If you don't understand the first one, then ask yourself, what will happen if the guy in the picture slips as he releases the ball?

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