Are Indian players getting enough exposure?

cricket @ iplgeekNow imagine that you’re the coach of the Indian team. Your side is touring South Africa, and Zaheer Khan’s been injured. Without any option, you give a call-up to RP Singh. However, he’s struggling in the South African pitches and your bowling is now in shambles. What might you want to do? Try and make sure that it doesn’t happen again, right? So how will you that? Try to get him to get familiar with the South African pitches, right? And how do you do that? Send him to play the South African Premiere League. That way, RP will get some good experience in the South African tracks and it’ll help him for the rest of his career. Here the problem arises. The BCCI doesn’t allow Indian cricketers to play other domestic T20 leagues. And that’s going to hurt us. A lot. Now look at Australia. Or South Africa. Each year all their players are playing in about every T20 league in the world. Like you look in any league, and you’ll find Brad Hodge or Aaron Finch there for sure. And now if you saw the SLPL, then you’ll have noticed that Rilee Rossuow played, and did a really good job for Basnahindra. So that’s why Australia have such a strong backup. Now, even this minute, if  Micheal Clarke and Ricky Ponting retire, then Australia will have no problem replacing them. Like in the India tour of Australia T20’s Australia were able to pull out a random playing XI of domestic players and still win 1 of the 2 T20s. Like this, what will we do once Zaheer Khan retires? Our bowling will suffer for a few years before our players get to his level. For Australia, Brett Lee retired out of the blue, but it didn’t hurt their bowling one bit. They were still able to cling on and continue their winning ways. Of course India have made some great finds, like Virat Kohli, and Ravichandran Ashwin have been sensational, but our players still suffer in other tracks. For example, when was the last time we won a Test against someone our size off Indian soil? Our boys need exposure. We must allow them to play other domestic leagues. What do we have to lose? IPL will always be the most popular domestic tournament ever. The players will get more money, and they’ll be learning from players who have had a lot of experience who have played in these tracks. Take SLPL. If we let someone like Vinay Kumar go play in the SLPL, he’ll definitely get a good sum from whichever franchise wants him, but will be playing someone like Tillakaratne Dilshan or Mahela Jaywardene, who know the Sri Lankan tracks like the back of their hand. And he’ll also get a number of good tactics, that will help him for the rest f his career. So come on BCCI, let’s not be unsociable, let’s let our boys play in different leagues, for their good, and for ours 🙂

cricket @ iplgeek

Chak de India!


jp says:

Indians do find a better bowler or batsman when on retires, we have lots and lots of players waiting.

iplgeek says:

i know JP thatha, but they will still suffer in alien tracks if they dont get early experience