About Darshan Senthil

The question "where are you from?" is one that is very difficult for me to answer. I was born in Madurai, and my mother tongue is Tamil. However, I was raised in various parts of California during my early childhood before moving back to Bangalore, where my family currently resides. To make matters even more confusing, we also spent a 4-year stint in Seoul, South Korea, only confusing me even further as to "where I am from." The short answer I give, however, is that I am from Bangalore. At this present moment, however, I am working on my undergrad in Biomedical Engineering in the USA, at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I have been a passionate fan of the game for just about 8 years now. Although my chances of playing professionally are not very high, I've found a certain joy in analyzing the game. Approaching with a scientific-inquiry style, I seek to understand the game I love better, and to help bring the joy that is cricket to as many souls as I can.

When I'm not thinking about cricket or studying, I pursue several other passions of mine, including teaching (on YouTube) and photography. I am also an experienced chess player, having played the game for 15 years now at different levels.

Please do check out some of my work below, and also take some time to read some of my pieces on this website.